Conroe Pest Control – Know your Spiders – Brown Recluse, Black Widow and Wolf Spiders

Spiders and insects belong to the same segment of species, in the sense they have segmented bodies and legs as well. The one basic way to identify a spider from another any creature out there is via legs. Spiders have multiple legs and a body that is very obviously divided into two parts. Spider’s have the mysterious and uncanny ability to scare a lot of people as well. Mention the very name spider and you can expect a variety of reactions from men and women alike!

Brown Recluse Spider

The legs of the Brown recluse spider are long and slender as opposed to the other breeds. They are also known as violin spiders due to their unique structure and physique. The body of this particular spider seems very slick, but if you view it under the magnifying glass and you’ll notice tiny hair on its body. This spider is considered more of an “indoor spider” hence an easy way to identify this creature is if you spot it indoors. These spiders have been found in places that are inside boxes, stacks of paper, used clothing and under furniture as well.

However, be aware these spiders are capable of injecting highly poisonous venom that can actually cause the blood to turn purplish blue.

Black Widow

The female Black Widow is infamous among the masses. It has a shiny surface with a red hourglass mark under its belly. This species is found in the most exclusive habitat, like under rocks, brick piles, barns, sheds and the like. The one way to detect (or rather not detect) a Black Widow is through its venom. Even though it may go unnoticed in the first instance, the bite of the Black Widow has the ability to be fatal, particularly to the nervous system. The skin around the bite will seem punctured and the venom can spread to the thighs and travel all the way to the nervous system.

Wolf Spiders

Like most spiders the Wolf Spiders doesn’t spin a web, which is probably a hallmark when it comes to spiders. Although they look very similar to Tarantulas, they are in no way related to one. It has the same brownish- grey coloration as the Brown Spider but it doesn’t have the violin shaped marking behind its head which is a clear identification of a Brown Recluse.


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