Kingwood Pest Control – How To Prevent Wood Roaches From Entering A Home

Wood roaches are about an inch long, are brown in color, usually live and breed outdoors in wooded areas, and can enter your home seasonally after being attracted by light. You may find them in your firewood, cedar shake shingles, potted plants, and even under your furniture. If there are woods near your home, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a wood roach infestation from time to time. Naturally, you must come up with preventive methods to protect your furniture, and to keep you home roach free. Following are a few steps you can take for effective pest control, and to prevent wood roaches from entering your home:

1. Avoid Using Outdoor Lights in May and June

The male wood roach is attracted to light, and if you switch on your porch light during the wood roach season, you can see swarms of them flying around. If that is the case, it is only a matter of time before they find their way in your home. If possible, do not use your porch light for long durations during May and June.

2. Seal Cracks and Crevices near Doors and Windows

Cracks and crevices near doors and windows serve as the main entry points for wood roaches. Make sure you look for such entry points and seal them with caulk. Wood roaches only need a tiny crack to slip through, so be thorough when looking for and sealing such entry points.

Also, spray all possible entry points with roach repellent/pesticide for effective pest control. In this way, you will have two layers of protection and even if you miss a crack or a crevice, the roaches would stay away.

3. Do Not Store Firewood Inside the House

Storing firewood inside the house is an open invitation for wood roaches. Store the firewood outside and seal the pile properly so the roaches cannot get in. You can also spray pesticide around your pile of firewood for pest control.

4. Do Not Leave Leaf Piles and Lawn Debris Lying Around

Wood roaches feed on organic material. Make sure you get rid of all the leaf piles, and clean out your gutters. Pest control is all about prevention, and one way to prevent your furniture from becoming roach food is to leave no temptation lying around for the roaches.

Has your home ever been infested with wood roaches? What did you do to resolve that problem?


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