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Scorpions are related to spiders, but I put them on the page with the stinging insects. The biggest concern I hear with scorpion stings is the potential of anaphylactic shock. Im not a doctor and don’t know much about shock , but I do know how to control, kill, and eliminate these oddball looking insects. Generally i only see them around coldspring, evergreen, Cleveland, PointBlank, Onalska, and Livingston.


  • Scorpions love clutter, reduce as much clutter as you can. Old pieces of wood, bricks, concrete blocks, almost anything that is stacked will harbor these guys.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices.

Red Wasps/Yellow Jackets

I like to treat wasps but they can be tough to control. The biggest problem with wasps is you have to get into the cracks and crevices yes the hot nasty discussing attic. Red wasps or paper wasps are generally going to be the biggest trouble maker you deal with. They are great to have around the house if you can put up with them as they are big insect eaters, but when they begin stinging you then its probably time to get them treated. Wasps will normally be found in an area where there is reasonable food and water, i get a lot of wasp services where the customer has a pool. Wasps kick off in early spring and by late summer you are practically paying tolls to wasps to get in and out of your house. We do a very though all around wasp service including removing nests where possible, our secret to success is……..A SECRET! I cant tell you, but if you call us today you will get our unparalleled wasp service coupled with our unrivaled guarantee.


Honey bees are very beneficial to our environment. We do bee control at Action Termite and Pest Control LLC, but we truly urge you to leave them alone and let them do what they do if you can in a safe manner. If you must have them treated due to safety issues please consider getting ahold of a bee keeper and having them removed. Bee keepers generally cost about the same as an exterminator but they will allow the bees to live out their natural lives protecting the environment. As the owner of a pest control business its my responsibility to inform but also to do my best to protect the environment. Im here to tell you bees have no desire to harm you but they will protect their interests at all cost. In early spring we receive many calls of “wads” of bees formed round structures. These are actually swarms of bees on their way back to their regular hive for summer to get to work. They will generally move on after a couple of days unless there is something wrong within the swarm.

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What can we say about spiders? there are over 3,000 species of spiders in the US. Lucky for us Texas only houses two species of poisonous spider; the Black widow, and brown recluse. Many Americans fear spiders to the point of paralysis. Most of the Spiders you encounter in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris Counties are not poisonous. These spiders are still full of bacteria and disease and many will still bite. although we aren’t experts on spider bites we can however control your spiders by preventing them with one of the many treatment solutions we offer. We use a very in-depth inside repellent treatment for our spider control. We recommend an outside yard power spray to add to the success of your spider prevention program. We also install spider (insect) misting systems.

Why do spiders like your house over mine?
Spiders like to be in areas where they have food and shelter. Corners, cracks, crevices, and under items are a few places that make favorable spider shelter. Spiders eat other spiders, and bugs. You will find spiders in and around areas with overnight lighting, light foot traffic, and refuge.

Spider prevention

  • Remove all unnecessary clutter and refuge.
  • Cut lawn regular and trim hedge and trees.
  • Seal up openings in and around your homereduce overnight lighting with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Be sure and keep your home and surroundings clean of standing water and puddles.
  • Dust regularly and clean under cabinets and shelves.

Our spider treatment Process

As mentioned above we normally treat spiders with an effective crack and crevice inside spider repellent treatment. We also treat your attic if applicable as that is an awesome hiding place for spiders as well as other insects. I am a firm believer in yard power sprays for spiders. I have found that many spiders like the wolf spiders live in the open grassy areas around homes. After we finish your first time service you will not only see a reduction in your spider population but in your general insect population as well. We recommend quarterly spider service on your home to maintain optimal results. Our spider guarantee is very simple. If you still have an unreasonable amount of spiders two weeks after treatment and up to 90 days there after we will retreat your home at our cost. Truly we don’t spend a lot of money retreating homes because we are a quality first company.

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Roach services

There are five species of roaches in East and Southeast Texas, the German (which I’ve already devoted its own page), American Roach, smokey brown roaches, oriental roaches, and brown banded roaches. Of the five, Germans, Smokeys, and Americans are the three most common home invaders in that order based own my experience. Roaches are very easy to prevent in most cases. Unlike german cockroaches, the other four species are inside and outside invaders, they also come from the woods, compost, attics, trash, and other favorable areas and environments. most of these particular roaches fly and can make you hurt yourself from fear:).

Roach prevention:

  • Remove all unnecessary clutter and refuse.
  • Cut lawn regularly and trim hedges and trees.
  • Seal up openings in and around your home
  • Reduce overnight lighting with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Be sure and keep your home and surroundings clean of standing water and puddles.
  • Dust regularly and clean under cabinets and shelves.
  • Be sure you have no plumbing leaks, standing water, or sewer.
  • Keep your closets and attics clutter free.


First and foremost your tech will assess your home to help you with roach prevention tips as well as ensuring he doesn’t see other issues of pest concerns or infestations. With all but german roaches, the other species’ generally get treated in the same manor. We provide you with a nice residual/repellant inside crack and crevice service. Treating the attic is usually very vital for these roaches as well, the attic tends to be a great area to hide their eggs. We offer an optional yard power spray service that will indeed get you more than optimal control. All roaches treatments (except the German) come with a three month service guarantee. You’re in good hands knowing we are right around the corner with a complimentary follow-up if needed. After your first time service we can set you up on an optional quarterly service to ensure we keep your house roach free. Other than certain specialized services, roach treatments will help with many other crawling insects much like our spider service will help control all but the german roach. We try to give you the best value for your money. many times our upfront cost is a little more but our longterm service is a huge value and the best quality on the market today.

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Insect Misting Systems

With all the mosquito borne viruses flying around our area, who wouldn’t want to do everything they could to protect themselves and their family? An insect misting system is the best way to prevent pests in, on, and around your home. I like to call them the 24 hour exterminator. Our misting systems are taylor installed around your home, pool, spa, deck or where ever else you might want to prevent pests. We not only install misting systems, but we also refill, repair, and maintain any system you may have. We only install top of the line products, we install for three different companies so we not only have the perfect system for you, BUT we can also meet your budget.

How do they work?

Insect misting systems (AKA spider misting systems) are really good for controlling and reducing spiders, flies, mosquitos, and almost any other flying insects. Its’ such a pain when you sit on your deck or balcony at six AM to enjoy your nice cup of coffee on one our beautiful Texas lake fronts, and are “inundated with early morning skeeters”. The misting system runs in a few short cycles over night applying either a residual chemical (meaning it stays around on the surface to kill insects) or a non residual chemical (meaning it has an effective kill at the time of application). We can install a misting system almost anywhere you want protection from insects. we install these systems all over including the Lake Livingston area, Lake Houston Area, Lake Conroe area, and many rural ranching barns.

Call us today:

If your tired of paying big maintenance fees to your “spider guy” who spends ten minutes at your home and bills you an arm and a leg, then call us today. We not only are less expensive than everyone else, but we know bugs and we understand how they attack, where they attack, and when they attack. I’m not going to send some guy who was working at BK yesterday out to your home to maintain your $2k plus system. We have package services available to do your pest control and maintain your system. We want to be your pest control company.

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Ant Treatment

We control many different ant species. Each species of ant requires different treatment styles as different ants life in different environments and prefer different foods.

Carpenter ants: Usually Large black ants or large red and black ants. These ants will normally be found in and around wood products they will be seen foraging side and outside of your home. The bad news is they aren’t carpenters, the good news is they aren’t eating your house down. They do and will nest in your home walls where they find voids. These ants have the perfect environment in South East Texas. They are usually localized meaning that they are in one generally moist area. We have been very successful in control and diagnosis of these ants, and we have the perfect treatment for you.

Fire Ants: We have two species of fire ants in South East Texas the imported and the native fire ant. The imported fire ant is the most aggressive of the two usually found in and around dirt mounds in your yard. these ants will usually trail into your home through cracks and crevices. We can provide you with the proper prescription treantmet to control your ants. We also carry and apply Top Choice ant granules for fire ants. When we apply Top Choice on your property wegive you a full one year warranty on the treated areas. Most people can identify a fire ant pretty easy, they can be found foraging in and around your home.

Inside Invaders: We have several ant species that will plague your kitchen and other rooms in the house. Most of these ants are seen inside more while the weather is cool but they can occur at anytime. Pharaoh ants are very small reddish ants they are usually found nesting in dark voids. you will see these ants on and around kitchen counters of your home. They love to eat sugars and proteins. Another common inside invader ant we find inside are Little Black ants. Just like their name the are tiny little black ants. there are several other inside invader ants out there. Call us today and we can get you on a successful and free trail.

Crazy ants: These guys are getting worse as time passes. They are very easy to identify and have very distinct habits. These ants will live almost anywhere including under rocks, planters, a piece of paper on the ground, just anywhere. They become a terrible nuisance in your home very very fast. We highly recommend a treatment plan that persists for aneroid of time. I rarely see these ants move after we begin the fall cooldown. I begin siieng them in early summer and by late summer they are everywhere. I see the large majority of these ants in Liberty and Montgomery counties but they are now reaching across county lines everywhere.

Ant Prevention:

Clean up excess water Dont leve food out or uncovered.
Seal up cracks in title grout and any other favorable cracks that might house ants. Treat your home perimeter on a regular basis with residual products to help prevent ants. seal and caulk any outside cracks. Finally ants are very smart, they are calculated in their movement and i like to believe they have “expendables” to gauge they safety of an area. We have learned a lot about ant control over the years and are very confident and capable of fixing your ant problem and keeping it gone.

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These creepy little blood suckers have managed to get more and more popular over the last decade. If you are having trouble with these guys you have probably done some traveling or had someone move in or stay for a short time and dropped them off to you. Adult Bedbugs are little reddish to brown, flattened, oval shaped bugs (I call them “red tear drops”) up to a quarter inch long. A very good identifier is the Nymphs or baby are light in color kind of transparent. Bedbugs are very hard to control simply because one feeding female can lay as many as five new eggs a day. The average female bedbug can live as long as nine months under favorable conditions. The result? Unless you know what your doing you will not get control of your bedbug problem. You need to understand you cant do this alone, bedbugs are truly a challenge, even for us. If one female is missed your going to be back to square one in a few months, i have seen this time and time again.


What can you do to prevent these parasites?

  • Check the seams and tufts of mattresses in hotel rooms as soon as you gain access. You can get your money back and go somewhere else. It’s happened to me many times.
  • If you stay overnight at someones home, again do an inspection. You cant afford an infestation if they have one.
  • Reduce the amount of uninspected personal items into your home, overnight houseguest are subject to inspection.
  • Reduce clutter and hiding places in your home.
  • Clean around your bed regularly and inspect the areas as you do.


We do a chemical treatment, heat treatment equipment is very expensive and has yet to prove to me, anymore effective than chemical treatments. The treatment is not cheap, but we have many many success stories. We are very thorough with our treatments and longterm effectiveness. Our treatments also come with a 30 day follow-up inspection/treatment. We are using the best chemical technology available today. I can assure you, we won’t let you down.

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Flea Treatments

No you don’t have sand fleas! Several times a day when the temperature is right we get that phone call “i got sand fleas”! Just to clarify you may have dog or cat fleas, but you don’t have sand fleas. A sand flea is a crustacean that lives at the beach, not South East Texas. Ok, I just had to ‘dress the elephant in the room. Generally fleas will be active from spring into fall. These wingless blood suckers enjoy temperatures from 80 to 90 degrees. Most flea breeds will die off in temperatures over 95 degrees. Fleas like other insects are tough to get rid of because they have this whole reproduction thing down. Generally even after a treatment you will still have fleas as the eggs and larva are strategically placed around your home by your lovely pets, I like to call this “the saltshaker effect”.

Flea Prevention?

  • Dont let pets in the house, if you do limit where you allow them and ensure they are treated regularly.
  • Try to keep stray, and wild animals out of your yard. treat your yard on a regular basis with a good flea prevention product.
  • Vacuum your home regularly.

Flea treatments:

I like to teach that successful flea control requires two different treatments. Treatment number

  • Source Pest Control: ensure that you have your animals effectively treated by a reputable vet. Without source pest control you will never see success in your flea service.
  • Environmental flea control, ensure that you have a reputable pest control operator treat your home. Good environmental flea control involves treating all the floor coverings, pet beddings, and pet frequenting areas in your home.

Treatment expectations: You cant expect the fleas to die off right away. Almost 30 to 40% of flea populations are eggs and larva. The bad news is no one can kill these flea stages. you must wait till these fleas mature to age adult stage in order to kill them. You can inadvertently kill some larva by them eating poisoned adult poop but the number are insignificant. after about two weeks of hatching from the egg fleas will spin a cocoon and when they emerge they will be full fledged reproductive adults. We generally recommend that you let the treatment go for at least a month to see optimal results. The sad part is consumers spend $800.00 or more buying over the counter flea control products that don’t work. they spend several months trying to control their fleas without successful results. They then hire us and expect overnight complete and total inhalation, I’m just telling you up front i cant deliver that promise nor can any other pest control company. To help the flea service work better be sure to vacuum before your initial flea treat-ment, then be sure to vacuum daily for a week or so after the treatment. I don’t care what type of flooring it is what i am looking for here is vibration, the vibration will significantly speed up the egg to adult process. I can assure you if you call us today we will have your flea problem under control as quickly as possible.

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German Roach Control

German Roaches are very small roaches about one half inch in length that live in and around kitchen cabinets and appliances. These roaches are brown to black in color and have black lenghtwise stripes behind the head. German roaches are cryptic meaning they hide from you and move at night. This poses a problem as these roaches can mature to reproductivity within 50 days of leaving the egg. Within no time you will have a significant number of these roaches living with you in your home. I like to call these roaches little refugees as they typically travel by item, device, person, etc. Successful control of these roaches is very difficult due to their ninja like hiding skills and their obviously fast reproduction. Sanitation is a must to help reduce populations but is not a sole causation. We have worked for years to develop the best treatment strategy available. By now you have exhausted every avenue and option you can find to no avail. Our treatment plan will work for you if you call today.

Treatment Plan:

  • Assessment and evaluation.
  • Lay out your treatment plan including birth control, non-repellent pesticide, bait/attractant, and possible flushing of active roaches.
  • Begin the slow process of roach elimination.
  • Recommended first month follow-up treatment usually at this point infestation is localized rather than everywhere.
  • Six week assessment by customer to decide if they would like to continue treatments. At this time you will notice a very significant drop in the roach population, if not complete elimination. recommended you go to quarterly pest control for prevention and maintenance.

Customer responsibilities

  • PATIENCE!! these roaches didn’t show up one night and just move in. They have been breeding and solidifying their position for months and even years possibly without your knowledge. Realistically speaking we aren’t going to kill them all over night.
  • Sanitation… as stated before sanitation helps in population reduction. cleaning up after meals and washing dishes, and removing trash will reduce potential harbor and food sources.
  • Fair and accurate reporting and assessment of the roach population.
  • Persistence in effective roach control. We guarantee no one in our industry can out perform us. Be persistent with us and we will make you another success story. “Stay on the winning team”
  • Enjoy your roach free home.

Call us today for your roach service needs

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Termite Control

Termites I have to say is my favorite insect of all to control. We are the people to call for all your termite needs. In this area of Texas we have two prominent species of termite: the Native Eastern subterranean termite, and the formosan subterranean termites. Other termites include dry wood termites but we rarely see them this far off the coast. We have been performing Termite Jobs in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris counties for years and are very well equipped to handle your termite problems.

Eastern Subterranean Termites: Our native termite is very prevalent in our area. They begin swarming in February and get more and more persistent as spring progresses. Eastern Subterranean termite swarmers are very distinct. They are usually small black in color “ant looking” winged creatures. The primary way that I go about identifying eastern subterranean termites to determine where they swarm from and certain physical features (see below). To begin with, they will usually swarm out of a wall by the millions. They will generally swarm toward natural light but artificial is just as good. They also tend to swarm in the mornings.

Eastern Subterranean Termite Identification tips

  • Straight antennas, meaning there is no joint like most ants.
  • Only TWO body segments, the head and a thorax only.. ants generally have three body segments .
  • Wings are perfectly straight with straight veins on them.

These swarmers aren’t dangerous to your home. The little white “maggot” looking workers you don’t see are the ones doing the damage to your home unnoticed to you. Sadly most homeowners assume when the swarmers stop then the termites are gone, but that is not true. The worker termites will still be doing their damage in your home well into the below freezing winter nights. I like to explain termites like this: Subterranean Termites like their title live in the ground in societies similar to ants. Termites are natures tiny wood vultures, they see your home as rotting and decaying wood matter that needs to be devoured. Your shelter is a giant McDonalds with express drive throughs.

Formosan Termites:
AKA “Mother’s Day Swarmer”, An invader Subterranean Termite brought to the US via ammo crates from Pearl Harbor post World War II. These little hitchhikers left these crates after their cruise ended in New Orleans and dived into the soil, and, as it’s said, the rest is history. These termites require the same general treatment as our Eastern Sub but they are capable of building crates and or nests in the structure wall that may have to be removed.

Foremosen Termite ID
Very identical to Eastern Subterranean Termites EXCEPT They are usually brown in color and much much larger. They tend to swarm later in the season, typically around May.

Termite service explained
The logic is applying either a repellent or non repellent termiticed into the soil at the entry points, and possible entry points, into your home. Generally once the chemical has been applied two things occur; first the main termite colony in the soil is either infected or repelled to the soil therefore damage to your home begins to stop from the main colony. Secondly, the same thing begins to occur to the termites in your wall as well except one small difference, these termite should lack moisture (water) which is a significantly prominent biological need of these creatures, ultimately resulting in their death.

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