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Protect Your Home!

We specialize in services and treatments that keep your home pest-free. Whether it's ants, termites, or rodents - We have the experience and knowledge you want when dealing with those pesky invaders that are using YOUR space as shelter.

Take a look at the various types of pests we treat for, and click on one for more information! Remember - We are only a phone call away, and are standing by to help you get back to normal.

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Ant Treatment »

We control many different ant species. Each species of ant requires different treatment styles as different ants live in different environments and prefer different foods.

Carpenter ants: Usually Large black ants or large red and black ants. These ants will normally be found in and around wood products they will be seen foraging inside and outside of your home. The bad news is they aren’t carpenters, the good news is they aren’t eating your house down. They do and will nest in your…

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Bedbugs »

These creepy little blood suckers have managed to get more and more popular over the last decade. If you are having trouble with these guys you have probably done some traveling or had someone move in or stay for a short time and dropped them off to you. Adult Bedbugs are little reddish to brown, flattened, oval-shaped bugs (I call them “red teardrops”) up to a quarter inch long. A very good identifier is the Nymphs or baby are light in color kind of transparent. Bedbugs are very…

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Flea Treatment »

No you don’t have sand fleas! Several times a day when the temperature is right we get that phone call “ I have sand fleas”! Just to clarify you may have dog or cat fleas, but you don’t have sand fleas. A sand flea is a crustacean that lives at the beach, not South East Texas. I just had to address the elephant in the room. Generally, fleas will be active from spring into fall. These wingless bloodsuckers enjoy temperatures from 80 to 90 degrees. Most flea breeds will die…

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German Roach Control »

German Roaches are very small roaches about one-half inch in length that live in and around kitchen cabinets and appliances. These roaches are brown to black in color and have black lengthwise stripes behind the head. German roaches are cryptic meaning they hide from you and move at night. This poses a problem as these roaches can mature to reproductivity within 50 days of leaving the egg. Within no time you will have a significant number of these roaches living with you in your home. I…

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Insect Misting Systems »

With all the mosquito borne viruses flying around our area, who wouldn’t want to do everything they could to protect themselves and their family? An insect misting system is the best way to prevent pests in, on, and around your home. I like to call them the 24 hour exterminator. Our misting systems are tailor installed around your home, pool, spa, deck or where ever else you might want to prevent pests. We not only install misting systems, but we also refill, repair, and maintain any…

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Roach Services »

There are five species of roaches in East and Southeast Texas, the German (which I’ve already given its own page), American Roach, smokey brown roaches, oriental roaches, and brown banded roaches. Of the five, Germans, Smokey, and Americans are the three most common home invaders in that order based own my experience. Roaches are very easy to prevent in most cases. Unlike German cockroaches, the other four species are inside and outside invaders, they also come from the woods, compost,…

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Rodents »

Are you seeing nibble marks on cereal boxes? Finding small, pellet-like droppings in your cabinets, drawers, pantries and counter tops? Scratching noises in the walls or ceiling? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you probably have a rodent infestation… These nasty little critters are widely known to spread disease and sickness via their fecal matter and urine.They are also recognized in the destruction of property; gnawing through insulation and wiring, potentially…

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Spiders »

What can we say about spiders? there are over 3,000 species of spiders in the US. Lucky for us Texas only houses two species of poisonous spider; the Black widow, and brown recluse. Many Americans fear spiders to the point of paralysis. Most of the Spiders you encounter in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris Counties are not poisonous. These spiders are still full of bacteria and disease and many will still bite. although we aren’t experts on spider bites we can however…

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Termite Control »

Termites are my favorite insect of all to control. We are the people to call for all your termite needs. In this area of Texas we have two prominent species of termite: the Native Eastern subterranean termite, and the formosan subterranean termites. Other termites include dry wood termites but we rarely see them this far off the coast. We have been performing Termite Jobs in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris counties for years and are very well equipped to handle your termite…

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Wasps »

Scorpions are related to spiders, but I put them on the page with the stinging insects. The biggest concern I hear with scorpion stings is the potential of anaphylactic shock. I'm not a doctor and don’t know much about shock , but I do know how to control, kill, and eliminate these oddball looking insects. Generally i only see them around Coldspring, Evergreen, Cleveland, PointBlank, Onalska, and Livingston.

Scorpions love clutter, reduce as much clutter as you can. Old…

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