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Scorpions are related to spiders, but I put them on the page with the stinging insects. The biggest concern I hear with scorpion stings is the potential of anaphylactic shock. I'm not a doctor and don’t know much about shock , but I do know how to control, kill, and eliminate these oddball looking insects. Generally i only see them around Coldspring, Evergreen, Cleveland, PointBlank, Onalska, and Livingston.

Scorpions love clutter, reduce as much clutter as you can. Old pieces of wood, bricks, concrete blocks, almost anything that is stacked will harbor these guys. Seal up cracks and crevices.

Red Wasps/Yellow Jackets

I like to treat wasps but they can be tough to control. The biggest problem with wasps is you have to get into the cracks and crevices yes the hot nasty discussing attic. Red wasps or paper wasps are generally going to be the biggest trouble maker you deal with. They are great to have around the house if you can put up with them as they are big insect eaters, but when they begin stinging you then its probably time to get them treated. Wasps will normally be found in an area where there is reasonable food and water, i get a lot of wasp services where the customer has a pool. Wasps kick off in early spring and by late summer you are practically paying tolls to wasps to get in and out of your house. We do a very though all around wasp service including removing nests where possible, our secret to success is……..A SECRET! I cant tell you, but if you call us today you will get our unparalleled wasp service coupled with our unrivaled guarantee.


Honey bees are very beneficial to our environment. We do bee control at Action Termite and Pest Control LLC, but we truly urge you to leave them alone and let them do what they do if you can in a safe manner. If you must have them treated due to safety issues please consider getting a hold of a bee keeper and having them removed. Bee keepers generally cost about the same as an exterminator but they will allow the bees to live out their natural lives protecting the environment. As the owner of a pest control business its my responsibility to inform but also to do my best to protect the environment. I'm here to tell you bees have no desire to harm you but they will protect their interests at all cost. In early spring we receive many calls of “wads” of bees formed round structures. These are actually swarms of bees on their way back to their regular hive for summer to get to work. They will generally move on after a couple of days unless there is something wrong within the swarm.

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