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Commercial Services

Action Termite & Pest Control LLC is small, and we stay that way for a reason. When you call us up with a service issue, we not only will know exactly who you are, but we will be right on top of your issue. Commercial services are a priority for us, from small storefronts to 25,000 plus square foot buildings, you are all important to us. Commercial buildings need specialized treatments and specialized services. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time services. Call us today to get your free service assessment and estimate.

Termite Pre Construction Services

Termite pre treating your home is one of the greatest things you will ever do for it. Many builders and other contractors don’t realize how important this vital step is in giving you the best possible termite protection you will ever get. I have been inside beautiful new homes that are less than a year old in which I have found subterranean termites infesting. Nothing is more frustrating to the client than telling them the bad news about their new home that they have just spent so much money on. It’s sad to give them the news of the cost to treat the home and not only that but to assess the damage that has been done to the home. It’s even worse to tell them that if the builder understood how dangerous these creatures were and the likelihood of attack, he could have prevented this problem completely with a cheaper, much more effective and long term solution.

We have been providing termite pre construction treatments for many years. We use the best products available today and provide a warranty that’s unparalleled. We won’t be the cheapest company you consult, but we will be the best, most upfront, and honest. We won’t make claims that we can’t support and we will not give you advice that we can’t back up.


What do we do

A termite Pre-Construction treatment involves the applicator applying a termite solution to the soil before the plastic is put down to pour the concrete. The solution should penetrate the first inch of the soil under the future slab. Be sure your applicator treats the most venerable areas such as around any slab penetration like pipes, and any type of expansion joints or unions. Once that treatment is complete, the contractor can pour the concrete.

After the final grade is complete, the applicator will come back and make an exterior application of termite solution if you elect that service as well. Once the treatment is done, you will have effectively created a soil barrier that will prevent Subterranean termites for years to come.

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