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Insect Misting Systems

With all the mosquito borne viruses flying around our area, who wouldn’t want to do everything they could to protect themselves and their family? An insect misting system is the best way to prevent pests in, on, and around your home. I like to call them the 24 hour exterminator. Our misting systems are tailor installed around your home, pool, spa, deck or where ever else you might want to prevent pests. We not only install misting systems, but we also refill, repair, and maintain any system you may have. We only install top of the line products, we install for three different companies so we not only have the perfect system for you, BUT we can also meet your budget.

How do they work?

Insect misting systems (AKA spider misting systems) are really good for controlling and reducing spiders, flies, mosquitoes, and almost any other flying insects. Its’ such a pain when you sit on your deck or balcony at six AM to enjoy your nice cup of coffee on one our beautiful Texas lake fronts, and are “inundated with early morning skeeters”. The misting system runs in a few short cycles over night applying either a residual chemical (meaning it stays around on the surface to kill insects) or a non residual chemical (meaning it has an effective kill at the time of application). We can install a misting system almost anywhere you want protection from insects. we install these systems all over including the Lake Livingston area, Lake Houston Area, Lake Conroe area, and many rural ranching barns.

Call us today: If your tired of paying big maintenance fees to your “spider guy” who spends ten minutes at your home and bills you an arm and a leg, then call us today. We not only are less expensive than everyone else, but we know bugs and we understand how they attack, where they attack, and when they attack. I’m not going to send some guy who was working at BK yesterday out to your home to maintain your $2k plus system. We have package services available to do your pest control and maintain your system. We want to be your pest control company.

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