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Termites are my favorite insect of all to control. We are the people to call for all your termite needs. In this area of Texas, we have two prominent species of termite: the Native Eastern subterranean termite, and the Formosan subterranean termites. Other termites include dry wood termites but we rarely see them this far off the coast. We have been performing Termite Jobs in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris counties for years and are very well equipped to handle your termite problems. Eastern Subterranean Termites: Our native termite is very prevalent in our area. They begin swarming in February and get more and more persistent as spring progresses.

Eastern Subterranean termite swarmers are very distinct. They are usually small black in color “ant looking” winged creatures. The primary way that I go about identifying eastern subterranean termites to determine where they swarm from and certain physical features (see below). To begin with, they will usually swarm out of a wall by the millions. They will generally swarm toward natural light but artificial is just as good. They also tend to swarm in the mornings.

Termite Identification Tips

Straight antennas, meaning there is no joint like most ants.

Only TWO body segments, the head, and a thorax only.. ants generally have three body segments.

Wings are perfectly straight with straight veins on them. Edit Mode: MORE INFO


These swarmers aren’t dangerous to your home. The little white “maggot” looking workers you don’t see are the ones doing the damage to your home unnoticed by you. Sadly most homeowners assume when the swarmers stop then the termites are gone, but that is not true. The worker termites will still be doing their damage in your home well into the below-freezing winter nights. I like to explain termites like this: Subterranean Termites like their title live in the ground in societies similar to ants. Termites are nature's tiny wood vultures, they see your home as rotting and decaying wood matter that needs to be devoured. Your shelter is a giant Mcdonald's with express drive-through.

Formosan Termites:
AKA “Mother’s Day Swarmer”, An invader Subterranean Termite brought to the US via ammo crates from Pearl Harbor post World War II. These little hitchhikers left these crates after their cruise ended in New Orleans and dived into the soil, and, as it’s said, the rest is history. These termites require the same general treatment as our Eastern Sub but they are capable of building crates and or nests in the structure wall that may have to be removed.

Formosan Termite ID:
Very identical to Eastern Subterranean Termites EXCEPT They are usually brown in color and much much larger. They tend to swarm later in the season, typically around May.

Termite service explained:
The logic is applying either a repellent or non-repellent insecticide into the soil at the entry points, and possible entry points, into your home. Generally once the chemical has been applied two things occur; first, the main termite colony in the soil is either infected or repelled to the soil, therefore, damage to your home begins to stop from the main colony. Secondly, the same thing begins to occur to the termites in your wall as well except for one small difference, this termite should lack moisture (water) which is a significantly prominent biological need of these creatures, ultimately resulting in their death.

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