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There are five species of roaches in East and Southeast Texas, the German (which I’ve already given its own page), American Roach, Smokey Brown Roaches, Oriental Roaches, and Brown-Banded Roaches. Of the five, Germans, Smokey, and Americans are the three most common home invaders in that order based on my experience. Roaches are very easy to prevent in most cases.

Unlike German cockroaches, the other four species are inside and outside invaders, they also come from the woods, compost, attics, trash, and other favorable areas and environments. Most of these particular roaches fly and can make you hurt yourself from fear.

Roach Prevention

Remove all unnecessary clutter.

Cut lawn regularly and trim hedges and trees.

Seal up openings in and around your home.

Reduce overnight lighting with energy-efficient bulbs.

Be sure and keep your home and surroundings clean of standing water and puddles.

Dust regularly and clean under cabinets and shelves.

Be sure you have no plumbing leaks, standing water, or sewer.

Keep your closets and attics clutter-free.


First and foremost, your tech will assess your home to help you with roach prevention tips as well as ensuring he doesn’t see other issues of pest concerns or infestations. With all but German roaches, the other species generally get treated in the same manner. We provide you with a nice residual/repellent inside crack and crevice service. Treating the attic is usually very vital for these roaches; the attic tends to be a great area to hide their eggs.

We offer an optional yard power spray service that will indeed get you more than optimal control. All roaches treatments (except the German) come with a three-month service guarantee. You’re in good hands, knowing we are right around the corner with a complimentary follow-up if needed. After your first-time service, we can set you up on an optional quarterly service to ensure we keep your house roach-free. Part of our approach to treatment tackles the problem at the root. That's why we focus on prevention and termite pre-construction treatments, etc.

Besides certain specialized services, roach treatments will help many other crawling insects, much like our spider service will help control all but the German roach. We try to give you the best value for your money. Our upfront cost is often a little more, but our long-term service is a huge value and the best quality on the market today.

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