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What can we say about spiders? There are over 3,000 species of spiders in the US. Lucky for us, Texas only houses two species of poisonous spiders; the Black widow and brown recluse. Many Americans fear spiders to the point of paralysis. Most of the Spiders you encounter in San Jacinto, Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris Counties are not poisonous. These spiders are still full of bacteria and disease, and many will still bite. Although we aren’t experts on spider bites, we can control your spiders by preventing them with one of the many treatment solutions we offer. We use a very in-depth inside repellent treatment for our spider control. We recommend an outside yard power spray to add to the success of your spider prevention program. We also install spider (insect) misting systems.

SPIDER prevention

Remove all unnecessary clutter and refuge.

Cut lawn regular and trim hedges and trees.

Seal up openings in and around your home reduce overnight lighting with energy-efficient bulbs.

Be sure and keep your home and surroundings clean of standing water and puddles.

Dust regularly and clean under cabinets and shelves.


As mentioned above we normally treat spiders with an effective crack and crevice inside spider repellent treatment. We also treat your attic if applicable as that is an awesome hiding place for spiders as well as other insects. I am a firm believer in yard power sprays for spiders. I have found that many spiders like the wolf spiders live in the open grassy areas around homes. After we finish your first-time service you will not only see a reduction in your spider population but in your general insect population as well. We recommend quarterly spider service on your home to maintain optimal results. Our spider guarantee is very simple.

If you still have an unreasonable amount of spiders two weeks after treatment and up to 90 days thereafter we will retreat your home at our cost. Truly we don’t spend a lot of money retreating homes because we are a quality first company.

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