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German Roaches

German Roaches are very small roaches about one-half inch in length that live in and around kitchen cabinets and appliances. These roaches are brown to black in color and have black lengthwise stripes behind the head. German roaches are cryptic meaning they hide from you and move at night. This poses a problem as these roaches can mature to reproductivity within 50 days of leaving the egg.

Within no time you will have a significant number of these roaches living with you in your home. I like to call these roaches little refugees as they typically travel by item, device, person, etc. Successful control of these roaches is very difficult due to their ninja-like hiding skills and their obviously fast reproduction. Sanitation is a must to help reduce populations but is not a sole causation. We have worked for years to develop the best treatment strategy available. By now you have exhausted every avenue and option you can find to no avail. Our treatment plan will work for you if you call today.

Treatment Plan

Assessment and evaluation.

Lay out your treatment plan including birth control, non-repellent pesticide, bait/attractant, and possible flushing of active roaches.
Treatment plans include pre-construction, ground treatments, wood treatments & others!

Begin the slow process of roach elimination.

Recommended first month follow-up treatment usually at this point infestation is localized rather than everywhere.

Six week assessment by customer to decide if they would like to continue treatments. At this time you will notice a very significant drop in the roach population, if not complete elimination. recommended you go to quarterly pest control for prevention and maintenance.

Customer responsibilities

Patience! These roaches didn’t show up one night and just move in. They have been breeding and solidifying their position for months and even years possibly without your knowledge. Realistically speaking we aren’t going to kill them all overnight.

Sanitation; as stated before sanitation helps in population reduction. Cleaning up after meals and washing dishes, and removing trash will reduce potential harbor and food sources. Fair and accurate reporting and assessment of the roach population.

Persistence in effective roach control. We guarantee no one in our industry can outperform us. Be persistent with us and we will make you another success story. “Stay on the winning team.” Enjoy your roach-free home. Call us today for your roach service needs!

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