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No, you don’t have sand fleas! Several times a day, when the temperature is right, we get that phone call, “ I have sand fleas”! Just to clarify, you may have dog or cat fleas, but you don’t have sand fleas. A sand flea is a crustacean that lives at the beach, not South East Texas. I just had to address the elephant in the room. Generally, fleas will be active from spring into fall. These wingless bloodsuckers enjoy temperatures from 80 to 90 degrees. Most flea breeds will die off in temperatures over 95 degrees.

Fleas, like other insects, are tough to get rid of because they have this whole reproduction thing down. Generally, even after a treatment you will still have fleas as the eggs and larva are strategically placed around your home by your lovely pets, I like to call this “the saltshaker effect”.

Flea Prevention?

Don't let pets in the house, if you do, limit where you allow them and ensure they are treated regularly. Try to keep stray, and wild animals out of your yard. Treat your yard on a regular basis with a good flea prevention product. Also, vacuum your home regularly.

Flea Treatments

I like to teach that successful flea control requires two different treatments.

Source Pest Control:
Ensure that you have your animals effectively treated by a reputable vet. Without source pest control you will never see success in your flea service. Environmental flea control, ensure that you have a reputable pest control operator treat your home. Good environmental flea control involves treating all the floor coverings, pet bedding, and pet frequenting areas in your home.

Treatment expectations:
You can't expect the fleas to die off right away. Almost 30 to 40% of flea populations are eggs and larva. The bad news is no one can kill these flea stages. you must wait till these fleas mature to age adult stage in order to kill them. You can inadvertently kill some larva by them eating poisoned adult poop but the number is insignificant.

After about two weeks of hatching from the egg, fleas will spin a cocoon and when they emerge they will be full-fledged reproductive adults. We generally recommend that you let the treatment go for at least a month to see optimal results. The sad part is consumers spend $800.00 or more buying over-the-counter flea control products that don’t work. they spend several months trying to control their fleas without successful results. They then hire us and expect overnight complete and total inhalation, I’m just telling you upfront I can't deliver that promise nor can any other pest control company. To help the flea service work better be sure to vacuum before your initial flea treatment, then be sure to vacuum daily for a week or so after the treatment. I don’t care what type of flooring it is what I am looking for here is vibration, the vibration will significantly speed up the egg to adult process. I can assure you if you call us today we will have your flea problem under control as quickly as possible.

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