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Ant Control

We control many different ant species. Each species of ant requires different treatment styles as different ants live in different environments and prefer different foods.

Types of ants we treat

Carpenter ants

Usually Large black ants or large red and black ants. These ants will normally be found in and around wood products they will be seen foraging inside and outside of your home. The bad news is they aren’t carpenters, the good news is they aren’t eating your house down. They do and will nest in your home walls where they find voids. These ants have the perfect environment in South East Texas. They are usually localized meaning that they are in one generally moist area. We have been very successful in control and diagnosis of these ants, and we have the perfect treatment for you.

Fire ants

We have two species of fire ants in South East Texas. The imported and the native fire ant. The imported fire ant is the most aggressive of the two usually found in and around dirt mounds in your yard. these ants will usually trail into your home through cracks and crevices. We can provide you with the proper prescription treatment to control your ants. We also carry and apply Top Choice ant granules for fire ants. When we apply Top Choice on your property we give you a full one year warranty on the treated areas. Most people can identify a fire ant pretty easy, they can be found foraging in and around your home.

Inside Invaders

We have several ant species that will plague your kitchen and other rooms in the house. Most of these ants are seen inside more while the weather is cool but they can occur at any time.

Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants are very small reddish ants they are usually found nesting in dark voids. you will see these ants on and around kitchen counters of your home. They love to eat sugars and proteins. Another common inside invader ant we find inside are Little Black ants. Just like their name they are tiny little black ants. there are several other inside invader ants out there. Call us today and we can get you on a successful and free trial.

Crazy Ants

These guys are getting worse as time passes. They are very easy to identify and have very distinct habits. These ants will live almost anywhere including under rocks, planters, a piece of paper on the ground, just anywhere. They become a terrible nuisance in your home very very fast. We highly recommend a treatment plan that persists for a length of time. I rarely see these ants move after we begin the fall cool-down. I begin seeing them in early summer and by late summer they are everywhere. I see the large majority of these ants in Liberty and Montgomery counties but they are now reaching across county lines everywhere.

Ant Prevention

Clean up excess water and Don't leave food out or uncovered. Seal up cracks in tile grout and any other favorable cracks that might house ants. Treat your home perimeter on a regular basis with residual products to help prevent ants. Seal and caulk any outside cracks. Finally, ants are very smart, they are calculated in their movement and I like to believe they have “expendables” to gauge the safety of an area. We have learned a lot about ant control over the years and are very confident and capable of fixing your ant problem and keeping it going.

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